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Comprehensive Dental Care You Can Depend On

Elevating your dental experience with expertise and empathy with the Hillside Dental Care team

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A Commitment to Trustworthy Dentistry

At our dental office, we recognize the importance of trust in the patient-dentist relationship. Our team is dedicated to earning and maintaining that trust with every interaction. We understand that your confidence in us is a privilege, and we are committed to upholding the highest standards of care in all that we do. Our mission extends beyond just treating dental issues; we aim to establish a lasting relationship based on trust and mutual respect.

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Focused on Your Comfort and Care

We believe that the heart of great dentistry lies in the genuine care and comfort we provide to our patients. Our experienced team is not only skilled in advanced dental techniques but also in ensuring that every visit is as comfortable and stress-free as possible. From the moment you step into our clinic, you'll feel the difference in our approach. We strive to create a welcoming environment where your needs are prioritized, and your concerns are addressed with empathy and understanding.

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Creating Beautiful Smiles with Excellence

The journey to a beautiful smile is unique for each individual, and we are here to guide you every step of the way. Our commitment to excellence in dental health and aesthetics means that we don't just aim to meet your expectations – we strive to exceed them. We take pride in offering a wide range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our patients. Whether it's routine check-ups, cosmetic enhancements, or complex dental procedures, our team is equipped with the expertise and technology to deliver outstanding results. Let us help you achieve the smile you've always dreamed of – beautifully and confidently.


Crafting Smile Perfection

Step into Hillside Dental Care - where every smile finds its home

We believe that each smile tells a unique story. It's a story of laughter shared, challenges faced, and milestones celebrated. We aim to be a part of that story by ensuring every tooth in your grin is at its absolute best. With our combination of advanced technology, seasoned expertise, and a nurturing environment, you can rest assured that your oral health is in the finest hands. Experience a blend of professional care and personal touch that only Hillside Dental Care can offer.

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Beyond Ordinary Care

Every smile has a journey, and yours deserves the best companion. With Hillside Dental Care, delve into a comprehensive dental experience, where expert care meets personalized solutions. Let us guide you through each chapter of your oral health story. Don't wait - let's embark on this beautiful journey together.

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Beyond The Chair

Dive deeper into the world of comprehensive dental care with us

Dental health isn’t just about preventing cavities or whitening teeth. It's about providing comprehensive care that has lasting impacts on your general well-being, confidence, and quality of life. At Hillside Dental Care, we pride ourselves on our holistic approach. Our dedicated team delve beyond the surface, offering solutions tailored to your unique needs. With every appointment, our commitment is not just to address your immediate concerns but to ensure that you leave with a brighter, healthier, and more confident smile.

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Featured Services

Unparalleled expertise in comprehensive dental care tailored to every unique smile

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Offering Robust and Natural-looking Dental Implants Designed for Durability and Aesthetics. Fill the void left by missing teeth with our robust dental implants. Designed to merge flawlessly with your natural teeth, they offer both functionality and aesthetic beauty. Dive into a world where you can eat, speak, and smile without reservations.
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Cleaning & Exam

Merging Advanced Care with Comprehensive Dental Education. Every smile has its story, and each tooth holds secrets. At Hillside Dental Care, our thorough cleaning sessions are just the beginning. Beyond the radiant shine, dive into a comprehensive examination that offers not just a mirror to your dental health, but also educates and empowers. Join us on this enlightening journey, where care meets knowledge, ensuring your smile remains bright today and for years to come.
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Modern and Effective Solutions to Guide Your Teeth to Their Ideal Positions. Embrace a journey to symmetry. From traditional braces to modern aligners, our teeth straightening solutions cater to diverse needs. Explore the transformative world of alignment and step into a straighter, more confident smile.
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Providing clarity on common queries!

  • At Hillside Dental Care, our difference lies in our holistic approach. Beyond just treating teeth, we prioritize understanding the individual behind the smile. Dr. John Rosenberg and our dedicated team collaborate closely with each patient, ensuring a tailored, efficient, and empathetic dental experience. Our state-of-the-art facilities, combined with warmth and genuine care, make us a preferred choice for many.

  • We understand that dental anxiety is real and can be quite overwhelming. At Hillside Dental, we've taken steps to create a calming environment, from the ambiance to the methods of treatment. Sedation dentistry options are also available for those who need that extra comfort. Our team is trained to work patiently, ensuring that even the most anxious patients feel at ease.

  • Yes, we believe that quality dental care should be accessible to all. We offer a range of financing options and payment plans to suit different budgets. Our team is always available to discuss and guide you through the best financial arrangement for your needs.

  • Absolutely! We encourage patients to book consultations. This allows us to understand your dental needs, discuss potential treatments, and formulate a plan that's tailor-made for you. It’s a great opportunity for you to voice any concerns, ask questions, and for us to get to know each other.




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Patient Stories

Check out what our patients are saying

Polly W.

Confidence Reborn

Thank you for giving me back my smile and my confidence. You have no idea what a difference you have made in my life. We think you are very special and understanding.
Adam C.

Revelatory Dental Care

My wife loved your dental office: extremely professional and very caring people. She had no idea she was grinding her teeth at night and what it was doing to her teeth. No one noticed that before!
David N.

Gratitude for Expertise

Dear Dr. Rosenberg, A highlight for the year has been getting to know you better – thank you for all you have done for our family. We appreciate your expertise.
Steve C.

Two Decades, Unwavering Trust

My wife and I have been with Hillside Dental for nearly 20 years. From dental cleaning to root canals and almost all dental needs. Dr. Rosenberg and his staff are highly skilled, knowledgeable and very focused on their patients. We are moving to California soon but I would be tempted to come back for our dental needs.
Trish D.

Exceptional Emergency Care

I had a really bad tooth emergency over this past weekend. Since it was a Sunday, the office was closed. I texted the Dr.'s emergency line, and he came into the office with an assistant ready to go and relieve my pain. I can't tell you enough what a relief it was to get this taken care of. I'll always recommend Dr. Rosenberg and his staff.
Kyra R.

Exceptional Experience

I have nothing but the best to say about Hillside Dental Care. The dentist was very kind and polite. I had not been to a dentist in over 15 years and was very nervous, but the dentist and staff made me feel comfortable. I would highly recommend going to this office; they are amazing!
Ann R.

The Best Care

I have been going to John Rosenberg since I moved here in 1987. He has been the best dentist I have ever had—no pain! Only the best care I could ask for anytime and every time I needed him. The whole team at this office are Professional, Courteous, Friendly, couldn't ask for more! I recommend them most highly.
Cathy S.

20 Years of Great Service

I have been going to this dentist for about 20 years. They have been great with my dental needs as well as my children's. Very patient with the kids. I love this office. Dr. Rosenberg is great, and Ruby is so helpful. My dental hygienist made my teeth feel like new!
James S.

First-Class Dental Care

I have had cleanings, fillings, and crowns done by this dentist. All of the work was first class. The staff and Dr. Rosenberg were personable and professional. They were very attentive to my comfort and care. I would recommend them to anyone.
Nicole S.

Comfortable Dental Work

I had 3 teeth removed recently, and I was very nervous as I've never had adult teeth pulled before. The entire staff is super friendly and nice and eased my fears about being at the dentist for the first time in 15 years. Dr. Rosenberg is very knowledgeable with a gentle touch and great bedside manner. I will recommend this office to anyone needing dental work!
Nick K.

20 Years of First-Class Care

Been getting first-class care for over 20 years. I've recommended them to friends and family, and we all agree they make the experience comfortable, and you leave with confidence that you just received excellent care.
Ramon A.

Gentle and Caring Treatment

This is the best dental experience I have had in my LIFE. I had a lot of dental work done as a little boy, including a headgear, extractions, fillings, and braces. As a result, I am traumatized. However, the staff was extremely gentle and aware of my dental office anxiety. THANK YOU to the entire staff for taking such good care of me! I highly recommend!
Megan J.

Compassionate Care

I walked into this dental office with an extreme fear of dentists. The staff is always pleasant, kind, and does everything in their power to help me be comfortable EVERY TIME. Extensive variety of services performed in office. Easily made emergency appointment. Would highly recommend to anyone looking.


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