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A Dental Experience Redefined

Dive into a world where your dental journey is meticulously tailored, ensuring every step resonates with comfort, clarity, and genuine compassion

Your smile, your time, your way – this mantra is at the heart of everything we do at Hillside Dental Care. Under the proficient hands of our dental team, every visit becomes more than just a dental appointment; it transforms into an experience of understanding, mutual respect, and meticulous attention to detail. With a vast array of credentials and memberships, we provide a blend of academic excellence and practical prowess.


Our Smile Architects

Meet our expert team of dental professionals who combine years of experience, advanced training, and a warm, personal touch to ensure every visit to our dental office leaves you with a brighter, healthier smile

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Dr. Frank Wolf

Discover personalized dental care with Dr. Frank Wolf, whose extensive education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison to the University of Illinois laid the foundation for his mastery in dentistry. Celebrated by icons across industries for his mentorship and philanthropy, Dr. Wolf combines a compassionate approach with advanced dental techniques. Whether raising funds for global causes or brightening smiles in Tucson, his infectious enthusiasm for making a difference is evident in every aspect of his work.

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Dr. Dino Drummer

Dr. Dino Drummer, a skilled dental professional, boasts a rich educational journey from the University of La Verne to the University of Missouri-Kansas City, laying the foundation for his expertise in both optical engineering and dentistry. Known for his dedication to mentorship and significant community impact, Dr. Drummer skillfully combines compassion with advanced dental techniques. With a career spanning over 23 years, he emphasizes empathetic patient care and clear communication, ensuring each individual feels valued. Beyond his clinical excellence, Dr. Drummer's passion for mentorship, investment ventures, and family life showcases his comprehensive approach to both dental care and community involvement.

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Dr. Justin Rider

Experience comprehensive dental care with Dr. Justin L. Rider, whose robust background from Southern Illinois University to advanced Air Force training has shaped his expertise. With specializations from IV sedation to orthodontics, he offers a full spectrum of dental treatments. When he's not enhancing smiles, Dr. Rider is a passionate volunteer and outdoor enthusiast, sharing his zest for life with his family and capturing the world through his lens.

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Dr. John Rosenberg

Dr. John Rosenberg fuses deep academic roots from Willamette and Oregon Health Sciences University with a steadfast commitment to dental excellence. At the helm of Hillside Dental Care, he is lauded for his tailored care and advanced training. His philosophy centers on building strong, enduring bonds with patients, backed by a wealth of expertise from the Arizona Dental Association to the Seattle Institute for Advanced Dentistry. Family is Dr. Rosenberg's anchor, with his wife Susan and two children being his proudest achievements. His zest for life is matched by his love for golf, skiing, and fly fishing, and he's a dedicated Taekwondo 2nd Degree black belt, exemplifying discipline and vitality in all facets of life.

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Daniela Romero

Meet Daniela, whose journey in dental hygiene has been as vibrant as her Bolivian heritage. After laying her educational roots in Chattanooga, she has been cultivating patient smiles for over 16 years, now flourishing at Hillside Dental Care Team since 2021. Tucson not only gained a dedicated hygienist but also a wife, a mother to two remarkable daughters, and an enthusiast of the great outdoors. Whether biking, hiking, running, or swimming, Daniela carries the energy of her adventures into the office. With a steadfast dedication to preventative care and a penchant for building trust, she looks forward to nurturing your smile with the same commitment and pride she dedicates to her own family.

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Keyla Ramirez

Meet Keyla, a Tucson-born dental assistant whose journey from Tucson High to Carrington College is marked by a passion for dental health education and teamwork. Celebrating a decade at Hillside Dental Care, she delights in making every patient's visit enjoyable. At home, she balances her love for her husband and six dogs with exploring new eateries and relishing in the pink hues of life that reflect her joyful approach to care.

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Robin Gleeson

Robin brings over two decades of certified dental assistance to our team, delivering care that is as efficient as it is comforting. A mother who cherishes quality time with her two children, she knows the importance of a nurturing environment. Outside the office, Robin enjoys the company of friends, good food, and the serenity of lake life, all while embodying the belief that daily joy is the soul's essential vitamin.

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Comfort Beyond the Chair

We understand dental visits can sometimes be daunting. That's why we've introduced a slew of comforts, ranging from soothing music to plush neck pillows, all curated to make you feel right at home. If you're ever in pain or discomfort, know that we're here, ready to pivot our approach to ensure your absolute comfort. Our promise remains unshaken: genuine care without lectures, where you always have our undivided attention.

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Genuine Care at Every Turn

Embarking on a dental journey with Hillside Dental Care means stepping into a realm where patient comfort, transparency, and state-of-the-art treatments coalesce to redefine dental care

Pain and discomfort have no place at Hillside Dental Care. From a specially curated comfort menu to the choice of when to begin treatment, we place control in your hands. Our sedation dentistry caters to anxious patients, ensuring treatments are a breeze. Familiarize yourself with our unique, gentle approach, a signature style that has become synonymous with our care. From start to finish, we promise undivided attention, genuine care without judgment, and treatments that are not only effective but also financially viable. Whether you're juggling a busy schedule or need an insurance benefit check, we’ve got you covered.


Our Services

Unparalleled expertise in comprehensive dental care tailored to every unique smile

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Whether restoring a damaged tooth or filling a void, our crowns and bridges combine functionality with aesthetic brilliance. Each piece is artfully crafted, ensuring a natural look and a resilient dental future.
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Fill the void left by missing teeth with our robust dental implants. Designed to merge flawlessly with your natural teeth, they offer both functionality and aesthetic beauty. Dive into a world where you can eat, speak, and smile without reservations.
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Guided by a philosophy that every individual's smile is their signature, we craft each treatment to reflect uniqueness, ensuring you leave our dental office with confidence that radiates every time you share your smile.
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Providing clarity on common queries!

  • We combine a rich tapestry of advanced professional training with a genuine passion for patient care.

  • Our Comfort Menu is a curated list of amenities, from calming music to comfortable neck pillows, designed to make your dental visit as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. You get to choose what comforts you'd like during your visit.

  • We understand the challenges of juggling multiple responsibilities. That's why we offer easy scheduling options to accommodate even the busiest families, ensuring dental care is never sidelined.

  • Absolutely! We believe in providing exceptional dental care without breaking the bank. We offer a complimentary insurance benefits check and have financial arrangements in place to ensure treatments are affordable.




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Patient Stories

Check out what our patients are saying

Polly W.

Confidence Reborn

Thank you for giving me back my smile and my confidence. You have no idea what a difference you have made in my life. We think you are very special and understanding.
Adam C.

Revelatory Dental Care

My wife loved your dental office: extremely professional and very caring people. She had no idea she was grinding her teeth at night and what it was doing to her teeth. No one noticed that before!
David N.

Gratitude for Expertise

Dear Dr. Rosenberg, A highlight for the year has been getting to know you better – thank you for all you have done for our family. We appreciate your expertise.
Steve C.

Two Decades, Unwavering Trust

My wife and I have been with Hillside Dental for nearly 20 years. From dental cleaning to root canals and almost all dental needs. Dr. Rosenberg and his staff are highly skilled, knowledgeable and very focused on their patients. We are moving to California soon but I would be tempted to come back for our dental needs.
Trish D.

Exceptional Emergency Care

I had a really bad tooth emergency over this past weekend. Since it was a Sunday, the office was closed. I texted the Dr.'s emergency line, and he came into the office with an assistant ready to go and relieve my pain. I can't tell you enough what a relief it was to get this taken care of. I'll always recommend Dr. Rosenberg and his staff.
Kyra R.

Exceptional Experience

I have nothing but the best to say about Hillside Dental Care. The dentist was very kind and polite. I had not been to a dentist in over 15 years and was very nervous, but the dentist and staff made me feel comfortable. I would highly recommend going to this office; they are amazing!
Ann R.

The Best Care

I have been going to John Rosenberg since I moved here in 1987. He has been the best dentist I have ever had—no pain! Only the best care I could ask for anytime and every time I needed him. The whole team at this office are Professional, Courteous, Friendly, couldn't ask for more! I recommend them most highly.
Cathy S.

20 Years of Great Service

I have been going to this dentist for about 20 years. They have been great with my dental needs as well as my children's. Very patient with the kids. I love this office. Dr. Rosenberg is great, and Ruby is so helpful. My dental hygienist made my teeth feel like new!
James S.

First-Class Dental Care

I have had cleanings, fillings, and crowns done by this dentist. All of the work was first class. The staff and Dr. Rosenberg were personable and professional. They were very attentive to my comfort and care. I would recommend them to anyone.
Nicole S.

Comfortable Dental Work

I had 3 teeth removed recently, and I was very nervous as I've never had adult teeth pulled before. The entire staff is super friendly and nice and eased my fears about being at the dentist for the first time in 15 years. Dr. Rosenberg is very knowledgeable with a gentle touch and great bedside manner. I will recommend this office to anyone needing dental work!
Nick K.

20 Years of First-Class Care

Been getting first-class care for over 20 years. I've recommended them to friends and family, and we all agree they make the experience comfortable, and you leave with confidence that you just received excellent care.
Ramon A.

Gentle and Caring Treatment

This is the best dental experience I have had in my LIFE. I had a lot of dental work done as a little boy, including a headgear, extractions, fillings, and braces. As a result, I am traumatized. However, the staff was extremely gentle and aware of my dental office anxiety. THANK YOU to the entire staff for taking such good care of me! I highly recommend!
Megan J.

Compassionate Care

I walked into this dental office with an extreme fear of dentists. The staff is always pleasant, kind, and does everything in their power to help me be comfortable EVERY TIME. Extensive variety of services performed in office. Easily made emergency appointment. Would highly recommend to anyone looking.


Proudly Accredited, Professionally Affiliated

Upholding the highest standards of dental excellence through our esteemed accreditations and industry affiliations

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